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About Dr. Krzykowski

Dr. K is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with interests in childhood trauma and its adult manifestations, psychological ramifications of chronic medical illnesses, anxiety and depressive disorders, grief, eating disorders, postpartum, PTSD, aging, and is LGBTQIA+ Allied.

She graduated from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Chicago in 2007 and has worked with a variety of individuals experiencing a range of presenting issues from all socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds. She has been in private practice since 2012; before then, she worked in a variety of institutional settings, which offered experience in a wide range of patients and presenting issues.

The practice offers the highest level of clinical expertise, access, and care for adults 19 and older. Dr. K believes in building a genuine, trusting relationship and creating a safe space for understanding and discovery with the goal of helping patients see themselves with greater clarity, depth, and honesty. Long-lasting change does not happen overnight; there are no quick fixes to life-long patterns of thinking and behaving, but through conscious awareness of these patterns and renegotiating the meaning of experiences, change can take hold. 

Dr. K utilizes depth and insight-oriented therapy primarily, employing an integrative approach in order to best help those in her care. In therapy sessions, you will work together to solve current problems and increase positive thinking and behavior through identifying and reconceptualizing the influences of unresolved past conflicts and traumas. You can start to “re-frame” your reactions and explore valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles by bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness to be able to make a choice. Above all, she is committed to providing holistic, inclusive, personalized care in a confidential setting, and highly values working with other professionals in a patient’s care team.

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